Bread is highly acclaimed as king of the breakfast. It’s simple, it’s versatile, even kids love it. Be it plain, milk-dipped, or even the prominent PBJ’s (Peanut Butter Jams), bread has been the greatest company we have on our breakfasts. But the more time we have spent during the day, the less we think about bread anymore. Could bread only exist to be the breakfast meal?

The good news is: you are allowed to consume bread at any time given below. In short, you can do it all the time! But each time offers a different benefit to your body, so you might want to eat one or two loaves of bread at specific times.

Consuming bread during breakfast

Breakfast is the king of the meals. You are not advised to skip breakfast, not even once! We need to stock and prepare our bodies with the fuel for daily activities. Whether you are children, college students, or even a housewife, we all need to consume adequate amounts of carbohydrates. It is vital to the cell. They act as the energy for us to burn so we could receive power to work in return. Carbohydrates provide energy for the brain like attention, memory, and consuming proper breakfast will improve behavioral performance. No wonder your classmates who eat breakfast everyday will do better than those who don’t!

Not only preparing, but carbohydrates also replenish the energy used by the muscles. You can include bread before and after the workout. Be it French toast, sandwich, or toast, bread could play a big role as breakfast!

Consuming bread during lunch

At this time of the day, bread will act as a recharging energy. Consuming complex carbohydrates such as whole grains or wholemeal bread will avoid a dip of energy in the afternoon. Whole grains or wholemeal bread also prevent blood sugar spikes! Combine with calcium-rich meals such as cheese or milk to promote bone health after school activities.

The example of a rich-nutrient lunch is a well-balanced sandwich. Add vegetables, fruits, boiled eggs, chicken breast, even tuna! Peanut butter also does the job as it’s packed with protein which is good for your body.

Consuming bread during dinner

The most optimal hour to have dinner is between 6-7 pm. It allows your body to fully digest and detox before you go to bed. Try high fiber bread in your plate to encourage bowel movements and surely, you’ll feel lighter when you tuck yourself on the blanket! Not only for the digestive system, but breads rich in dietary fiber will lower the risk of diabetes, obesity, hearth disease, hypertension, stroke, and gastrointestinal conditions. Fiber also plays a role in reducing the sense of hunger. This means you’ll be less likely to crave and thus you’ll have a great change for weight loss! This dispels the myth that carbohydrates are demonic for the weight loss fighters, right?

Remember that you also need the suitable bread choice so you will get the benefit as its most. Do not forget to add another nutrient such as fruits and vegetables to accompany your loafing moment. Let’s have a bread, shall we?