We believe you might be thinking twice before you read this. In fact, maybe 90% of the people do, as cheese is the most popular and beloved ingredient in the world. Be prepared, because we are going to debunk the rhetorical question you might don’t want to know the answer to. Are you ready?

But first, let’s get to know this dairy product further

Cheese is considered to be ancient processed food. Cheese making can be traced back to 8.000 years ago by various cultures around the world. Not only cows and goats, but camels, bison, even yaks have been valued for their milk and eventually cheese.

Nowadays, the majority of cheese is made from cow’s milk. Here’s a fun fact for you: milk consumption in liquid form has decreased, and instead the popularity of cheese has been on the rise. Even the data from WHFoods in 2012 stated that each person eats an average of 15 kilograms of cheese!

Even so, the favorable choice does not come with a healthy reputation

It’s common for you to run into news or articles about how bad cheese is. Mostly it is linked to weight gain and negatively contributes to your waistline or the scale you might try so hard to avoid.

Well, we wouldn’t say it’s untrue: cheese should be consumed in moderation, of course. But did you know that cheese also features several benefits including essential vitamins and minerals? Well, now you know!

  1. Preventing osteoporosis
    We all agree that milk is the best source to prevent osteoporosis. Not to mention we have to include it in our daily diet to get a healthy bone and shiny smile. But what if some of us do not want to drink milk for some reasons? Cheese comes to the rescue.

    As a product of milk, cheese also contains calcium and protein to keep your bones stronger than ever. It’s better than not consuming any calcium, as osteoporosis leads to bone fracture or affects our skeletal integrity, especially in women after menopause.

  2. Best dietary source for calcium!
    So we already know that calcium is vital for bone health, but it serves a bigger role than you realize. Calcium regulates vascular function, nerve transmission, muscle function and hormone secretion. The surprising fact is, we cannot create new calcium, and lose calcium everyday through our dead skin cells, nails, and hairs.Rather than consuming supplements which may or may not affect your health in general, why not eat cheese? Plus you can get a happy flavor that goes in your mouth!

  1. High in Vitamin B12
    B12 is the most complex vitamin as it aids the production of red blood cells, protein, DNA, and mental health function. Naturally it can only be found in animal products, such as cheese. Swiss Cheese is the best B12 source to keep your mental health problems away as it contributes to your 39% daily intake!
  2. Excellent source of protein
    Protein plays a vital role in forming, repairing, and protecting your body cell. Again, your body does not store protein so you must ensure yourself to consume protein rich foods! Low moisture-content cheese is preferable like Parmesan. It has higher protein and lower fat!
  3. Lowering blood pressure
    You might not expect this, right? The fact is, cheese can reverse hypertension by lowering blood pressure. Increased calcium intake will help decrease blood pressure. But please do bear in mind that cheese also contains sodium, so the best way to enjoy cheesy goodness while taking care of your help is topping your favorite healthy food with some cheddar!