Lots of people love cakes and their sweet self. Then there is one more thing we believe people will go crazy about: a good personality explanation based on the flavor of your favorite cake. It’s not merely a ‘sweetie as sweet lemonade’ or ‘bitter like a dry raisin over the dark chocolate icing’, but rather a fun and amusing explanation that awes. So buckle up and prepare your favorite cookie next to you, get ready to find the personality that matches.

1. All-time favorite: Chocolate

Sweet and bitter, that's how life goes. Perhaps such an old proverb suits well on them who fancy chocolate so much it dominates their cake agenda. Chocolate lovers know what to do and what to say to soothe and revitalize the happiness around them. They know life is bitter, but they know there’s always the sweeter side and they don’t waste a second to enjoy it. If you happen to run into chocolate lovers, don’t forget to take a note of what their favorite preference is. Some people love the darkest of all, but it’s uncommon to see they only prefer white chocolate.

2. Fruity flavors

Nothing can compare to fruits, in their opinion. The sweet and sour and juicy taste of nature’s goodness could bring them into a cloud nine. As a spectrum of colors which never runs out, boredom has nothing on them and they always know how to do something new. Usually impulsive and sociable, they have their own appeal to attract like-minded people to have fun together in their tropical mood!

3. ‘That coffee person’

There’s no shame in admitting that there are people who adore coffee so much, even the taste in cakes. Be it cappuccino, mocha, tiramisu, and all that jazz that goes energizing in their taste bud. Coffee sure reflects how creative and assertive they are. People with a coffee loving personality are good leaders and know how to finish the work they have started.

4. Cheese

People who are crazy for cheese might appear dramatic. There is a lot of emphasis in their stories and how they tell is kind of exaggerating. But it’s because they value every second of their life, as they do with other people’s life. Cheese-lovers prefer to listen and grasp any point of interest in their partners. Surely, they are a good friend to hang out with.

5. The Classy Classic, Vanilla

Idealist by heart, vanilla lovers have a stronghold principle that nobody could cross. But do not misunderstand, they are also a tender person. Just appreciate and allow them to do anything in their way, you’ll be spared. They enjoy every moment with whomever they are with, as long nobody criticizes or makes fun of their habits. You’ll see them in retro garage or analog camera community.

Is there any of the above that matches one of your personality? Remember that you don’t have to eat specific cake to make yourself happy. Just enjoy any flavor that goes through your mouth and live the happiest life with your favorite cake!