Taking a ride to the cake shop to get a slice of cheesecake? Who has time for that! In this digital era, it’s not uncommon to see people order their favorite foods through online delivery. Time-efficient and less energy to spend, you can enjoy one or even three slices of cake while browsing news on the internet without standing up and changing clothes.

But online shopping by no means you ignore every preference and randomly choose any shops you could find. It could be tricky, especially if you are new to the neighborhood and completely clueless on which shop you should pick. Believe us, you do not want to spend your money on a very basic cake with no excitement layered.

Here we have some tips to find the best online cake near you. Hold that ‘Order’ button, please!

1. Research the cake shops around you

If you don’t have personal preference, it’s better to research the cake shops around you first. Consider three things: customer reviews, reputation, and affordability. You can ask your friends or neighbors to get a suggestion. Or find a good or well-known cake shop. Mostly, once you taste a good cake, you get attached to it. If your surroundings suggest one or two names of cake shops, trust them. Then select one based on your affordability.

2. What kind of cake do they sell?

Finally, you found your cake-mate. Now you need to find what cakes they sell. More often than not, one variation of cake is different from one shop to another. Does your selected cake shop have the reputation of the cake you’re looking for? If you look for a good Black Forest or Red Velvet, do they have the good quality of those?

Or else, you can choose their specialties. Especially when you haven’t tried any, this is the good opportunity to taste new cake!

3. Do they offer gifting options?

Sometimes we do not order for us. We want to surprise our beloved one by delivering their favorite right on their doorstep. Asking for a gifting option is not a crime; maybe they have a good wrapping paper or free name on their icing! Good gifting option with a good price, what a deal!

4. Cake delivery options

On top of that, you should be aware of how they deliver your cake. You’re ordering online, in other words you don’t take it to yourself. You need to ask what wrapping or box they use. You also need to be clear when they deliver the item after the purchase is completed, be it the same day, instant, midnight, and much more. Choose the delivery option and don’t forget to input the correct address, date, and time.

5. …Any discount?

As we have already stated in the point #1, affordability is a crucial factor. This includes prices and offers like discounts. Online stores usually offer lower prices as you don’t have to pay for the display or rent, but you have to be aware of the delivery fee. They may have hidden discount like members-only discount, so do not hesitate to ask!