About Us

Cake boss is a bakery store in which affordable yet qualified products are personified to ease your expense. We commemorate the joy and accomplishment in your special occasions, creating masterpieces for your most important celebrations – your birthday, your wedding, your companies / organizations, and so on.

Vision & Mission


We are a passionate artisan bakery with a vision of delivering excellent customer service and becoming a memorable brand of cake in the long run.


  • To dedicate ourselves to acknowledge our customers’ need, in order to gain repeat customers who come periodically.
  • To continuously offer diverse products like bread, cake, and cookies with high-quality ingredients.
  • To propose the best competitive price for lower middle classes.
  • To embrace innovation in novel concepts of brands and products.
  • To evolve in order to provide job opportunities to the society.

Our Value

As one of the leading bakeries in the targeted segment, we are committed to a customer-focused approach by listening attentively, responding quickly and serving reliably. Not only do we acknowledge and adjust ourselves to the demand of our customers, but we also establish a close rapport between our staff and clients. Serving a broad range of bakery and pastry for any kind of events, we welcome customized and adjustable requests based on consumers’ budgets. Imported and chosen from fine quality, our ingredients and raw materials are presented as a part of our service excellence.

While we deliver consistent yet various fresh-from-the-oven products, we pride ourselves on our innovations in materials, design and selection. Strategically located in crowded neighborhoods, our stores are aimed for a particular class with a desirably huge market and furnished with designed interiors to provide a delightful ambience and environment for customers. Regarding the identity of our brand, our internal team and customers will hopefully correlate and create a bond with each other.

Our Characteristic


As developing the chemistry and bond among internal team has become the foundation of the characters, customers and resellers could feel the warmth and friendliness inside the store, from amiable greetings and passionate explanations of products when needed, to enthusiastic body language while at work.


Taking pride of innovation in all aspects, Cake Boss always conducts refreshment, designs packages creatively, and improves the service based on personalized customer’s experience so that customers heartily relive the moments spent in the store. The products are also always attractively innovated to avoid customers’ lack of interest or boredom.


Focusing on giving the best to customers and positioning clients at our priority lists, we comprehend our customers’ profile and demand by always conducting research, asking for feedback and suggestions for the overall brand image. Thus, we thoroughly acknowledge the positive and negative sides of the brand. Essentially, we put emphasis on our customers and develop affinity among our clients by identifying their demand and providing solutions.